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Welcome to
HumidaPURE SunWater Systems

Video: We proudly offer, Instal and servive Watergen Atmospheric Water-makers

Welcome to HumidaPURE SunWater Systems Inc. (HumidaPURE), your one-stop solution company for fully-sustainable solar electric and wind  generating, atmospheric water making and specialty small produce farming systems for estate homes, hotels, restaurants  and other commercial applications.

We are based in Thousand Oaks, California, with a satelite operation in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are currently in the process of restructuring our business model and website. Our goal is to establish a full sales and service center in each location by June 2023. 

HumidaPURE was established as a privately held family run business, developed by its President/CEO Peter Ortmann and his AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc. (APVG), a Hawaiian business development company. We have joint ventured with them ro develop two standalone divisions: a micro-water bottling project called AirWater, and Urban GrowSpace, a local produce growing business, as listed below.

Angelpreneur Logo.png
AirWater Logo in ellipse.png

The AirWater Company )AirWater), is currently

being estaablished as a Nevada corporation.

They will build and operate a network of local

micro-bottling plants within Nevada, California,

Arizona, Utah and the Hawaiian Islands once


AirWater is being established as a seperate stand alone company, with its own President

and management team led by our CEO. HumidaPURE will provide all their water-making, solar, and related generator systems, plus long-term service of those systems for each location they develop in the years ahead. 

AirWater Bottle.png
Urban Growspace logo 2.png

Urban GrowSpace will incorporates a network of cabinet-like vertical farms it leases out to local restaurants, hotels or private parties to grow grow specialty greens and other items/


It is structured as a limited membership based ProduceClub model, with a maximum of 2  members per farm. GrowSpace does the growing based on the members desired list of produce 

HumidaPURE intends to manage both within its micro-bottling plant locations and grow them together, while also selling, installing and servicing individual farming units and provide personal atmospheric water makers, aand lternate energy systems to residential estate home owners, wine grape growers, wineries, micro-breweries. small family farms, hotels, restaurants and businesses. 

We custom design reliable alternative solar and wind power generating, energy storage sytems that meet the needs of our clients. Our Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) systems make fresh drinking water from local humidity, and our indoor vertical Farming business will allow anyone members to grow healthy organic and specialty produce they seek. 

From our initial site evaluation stage through all system installation phases, we can design a cost-effective package to meet your long-term needs. We have spent years seeking out the highest quality and most efficient products, AWG equipment manufacturers, and solar electric panel and energy storage technologies from the "Best of Class" equipment and product makers.

We are proud to exclusively offer the full-line of Watergen AWG products for homes and businesses, the state-of-the-art Smartflower self-cleaning, sun-tracking all-in-one solar systems and other related solar and energy storage products.


After an initial visit to this website or via a telephone call to answer questions and explore options, we offer multiple Onsite Evaluation packages to define the required equipment needed to meet your needs, define cost estimates, permit requirements and delivery timelines. In short, we will evaluate your individual needs and determine a firm cost vs return estimate to deliver a fully-installed system. 

Onsite Evaluations range from $1,250 for residential estate home sites up to $12,500 for larger scale project sites like vineyards, hotels, commercial buildings, hotels or farms. These fees are fully refunded against your system purchase should you elect to proceed. 

Our Site Evaluation Report will define the potential water production rates in your zip code and all the needed equipment and installation cost estimates. We leave no stone un-turned down to the local permits, timelines and payment schedules. Our detailed site Evaluation Report & Estimate will also provide an understanding of exactly what the costs to maintain your system will be, plus any tax credits available. 


"Never underestimate the ability of a small group of dedicated people to
change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."



SunWater System pricing is broken into two or more separate pricing breakdowns to better detail and take advantage of existing solar electric generating tax credits or other rebates. We are working to secure federal and state AWG related tax credits for our systems too.


We are in the process of updating this site as of January 2023 dso o check back in February for the latest updated information or call us with questions or to schedule a site evaluation.


Thanks for stopping by and please share our site with your friends and business associates.

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